Pro Size Polishing Cleaning Cloth Pure Cotton Made in USA for Gold, Silver, and Platinum Jewelry, Watch Coins Eco Friendly Tarnish Remover Large Cleaner Cloth 11 x 14 in. Keeps Jewelry Clean and Shiny

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  • SHINES AND PROTECTS: Polishing cloth that cleans, shines and protects gold (14k and 18K), silver and platinum jewelry, coins and other fine valuables. It's a tarnish remover cloth that restores the original brilliance in metals, preventing new tarnish and giving jewelry a layer of protection
  • SAFE for your health and the environment. The inner part of the polishing cloth is treated with non toxic ingredients that keep your health safe and protect the environment.
  • TWO STEP SYSTEM: White cloth with cleaning ingredients to polish; untreated gray flannel for a final shine. Both flannels made of 100% ultra-soft cotton for gentle cleaning of fine valuables.
  • PRO SIZE: Large size jewelry cleaning cloth for easy polish of silverware and big pieces of jewelry. Better handle of small pieces. The size of each cloth opened is 11 x 14 inches . The color of the outer cloth (gray) may vary.
  • MADE IN USA: This is a product made in USA with environmentally friendly ingredients. We guarantee our product with 60 day money back. Click on Add To Cart to start loving the way your fine valuables shine!

Best quality polishing cloth

-100% cotton jewelry cleaning cloth. The outer part of the cloth as well as the inner part are made of natural cotton, one of the most biodegradable fibers there are in the textile industry.
-Non toxic jewelry cleaner. The ingredients in the polishing cloth are environmentally and user friendly
-Made in USA. High quality standards in the manufacturing of care products

Easy and fast cleaning

Polishing silver, gold and platinum is fast and easy with the two steps cleaning system:
-White cloth impregnated with cleaning ingredients to polish the metal
-Color cloth, untreated, for a final shine of the piece

Great value

-Large polishing cloth. The size of the cloth is 11" x 14" open and flat.
- The Pro size allows the easy handling of big pieces of jewelry, silverware and decorations

Click on "Add to Cart" to start loving how your fine valuables shine!

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