KINNO Edible Genuine Gold Leaf Flakes, 25mg 24K Gold Flakes Decorative Dishes,Genuine Gold Leaf for Cooking, Cakes & Chocolates, Decoration, Health & Spa

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  • PURE 24 KARAT GOLD LEAF FLAKES:KINNO 25 mg gold leaf flakes of pure and natural gold. These 24 Karat flakes are edible, so they can be used both for crafts and for cooking!
  • DECORATE YOUR CAKES AND SWEETS: The edible gold flakes are the ideal food decoration. You can use the gold leaf flakes to decorate cakes, cupcakes, macaroons, chocolates, desserts, baking goods, and more. You can also use the gold leaves to decorate your plates and add a touch of luxury to your dining table!
  • USED BY PROFESSIONAL CHEFS, ideal for decorating cakes, cupcakes, confectionary, chocolate, desserts and cocktails. Give your creations the WOW FACTOR.
  • Real 24K Gold Leaf Flakes: Our Gold Leaf has 24 kart purity and certified edible, Gold leaf analysis availible buy gold leaf with confidence by purchasing directly from our store and brand
  • Professional Factory: We are a professional gold foil factory for more than 20 years,but we are new to amazon.Our team will be constantly on hand to solve any doubts our customers may have

Edible 24K Gold Foil Flakes for Cake Baking

Package: 30mg/container

Material: 99% Gold and 1% Silver

No heavy metal contamination. Thoroughly examined by The Precious Metal Testing Laboratory.

Application: Food,Cake,Drinks,Make up,SPA,Paintings,Crafts, Sculptures,Home improvement,Furniture, Gold-plated Buddha Statues

As this edible gold leaf sheets is extremely thin and sticks to anything and everything, we advise to use tweezers or a brush rather than just fingers


Other applications of 24k gold leaf sheets

Certifications for 24k gold leaf sheets

how to make delicated gold leaf sheets?

1. Is this real gold? edible?

Yes,all 24K gold flakes is made of 99% real gold and 1% real silver. This 24K gold leaf sheet is Absolutely edible, it is safe to add it to your food, such as ice-cream, coffee, cake,bread, and something else.

2. How to test if your gold is real?

The easiest way to test gold is to burn it. Real Gold will never change colors or shapes,while imitation one will turned to ugly black powder

we also attached a short video for the testing by us,feel free to check

3. Do you have any certifications about KINNO edible gold foil?

YES! We do have certifications from related agency.

4. Can I use this gold leaf on skin or makeup routine?

Yes, this genuine gold leaf sheets is made of real gold and you can use on your body.

5. How many sheets needed to cover a whole face?

Usually, it will take 8 sheets 4.33cm*4.33cm to cover a whole face,if for 8cm ones, it will take 4 sheets.

6.Do you have any other size about this gold leaf?

Yes,we do have many sizes for this 24k gold foil sheets, such as 2.5cm,5.5cm,5cm,8cm,9.33cm,10cm. Also we can customize size for our customers.

7.Any other suggestions about this item?

As this edible gold leaf sheets is extremely thin and sticks to anything and everything, we advise to use tweezers or a brush rather than just figures.

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