Flexzion Embossed Rolling Pins With Patterns for Baking, 7.7-inch Engraved Wooden Rolling Pin with Snowflake Flower Pattern Rolling Pin for Baking Pastry Pizza Dough Fondant Cookie Pie Crust Pasta

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  • Versatile Embossed Wooden Rolling Pins: With improved 2mm pattern, it is etched deeply so that you don't need to push hard on the rollers to decorate your dough. It lets you transform normal dough and pastry into beautiful works of art without stretching, tearing or overworking it.This rolling pins for baking is a great gift option and adds to your collection
  • Well-craft Design: Crafted in a solid piece of hard European Red Oak. The pattern is deep enough to make a high-quality imprint on a pastry, fondant, or clay
  • Easy to Use: With a wide flat roller, you can quickly achieve equal thickness and beautiful patterns in your rolling. It's well balanced and has a smooth finish that resists sticking
  • Perfect for new and recreational bakers, also can be used for most rolling tasks-pastry dough, pizza dough, cookie dough, etc. Also, it can be used with play-dough and salt dough for children games! It is absolutely safe for use with any kind of food
  • Easy to Clean: Wooden rollers take mere moments to clean with warm, soapy water and let it air dry. Drys Quickly and will not occupy much space in your kitchen.

Classic wood rolling pin engraved with decorative design patterns. An easy way to give your favorite cutout cookies an elegant finish. Look no further than an embossed rolling pin. These next-level rolling pins are engraved with textures and designs that give cookies a pretty appearance without the extras supplies and frostings.

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